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#85 Tony Taylor

Santa Cruz, CA

1939 Harley Davidson ULH

I’m Tony Taylor, 55 years old & have been riding motorcycles since my teens. I’ve enjoyed long rides to Baja multiple times as well as a long Trip through Central America & see’n different parts of the country.


I decided to join the Chase (my first time) because of all the others claiming the great lifelong friends they’ve made on the previous rallies.


I’m very thankful for Jason & his wife for allowing me to join the 2021 Chase  “last minute” as well as Connor Levenson for the motorcycle & support & most of all for the support my wife Sheree.


I will be riding a 1939 Harley Davidson U 74″ big twin flathead. This bike was received as a bobber that was painted with a brush and tan paint by the previous owner. One time while filing the gas tank, some gas spilled into the horrible tan paint and out came a beautiful gold fleck lacquer paint job. Since that day this bike as been lovingly known as the “Golden Goose” over time more of the tan paint has been removed to show the gold. The Golden Goose has been a daily rider for a year racking up a few thousand miles and is ready for her next big adventure. The Golden Goose is ready to spread her wings along Historic Route 66! Honk! Honk!