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#80 Cole Deister

Johnstown, CO

1930 Harley Davidson VL

I am just a normal motorhead who loves working on and riding antique motorcycles. I retired from the energy construction industry in 2014 but stayed involved as a consultant until 2018. Now I work on motorcycles every day I am home. My favorite era is the 30-36 VL’s followed by the 20’s J and JD’s.

I entered the 2021 chase with a 1936 VLH but due to a back injury at the end of May I was unable to compete. Since then, I have had surgery, going through rehabilitation and should be good to go by this year’s event. I decided to ride a different bike for this year’s event, and it is a 1930 VL.

I use it now as a bike to test various engine and transmission combinations for my other VL builds. It will need everything to go cross country instead of my 6-mile loop test track I normally ride it on.

I was raised in SW Kansas but currently live in Northern Colorado and look forward to riding with all my friends especially all my Kansas friends.