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#90 Paul Warrenfelt

Indianapolis, IN

1946 Triumph 3T

1946 Triumph 3T 350cc Parallel Twin

I will be riding a 1946 Triumph 3T parallel twin in the 2021 Cross Country Chase.  I participated in the 2018 Motorcycle Cannonball as rider #90 on a 1920 Triumph Model H and the 2019 Chase also as rider #90 on a 1934 250cc single cylinder Triumph L2/1.  The Cannonball and Chase are very different events and I enjoyed them both very much.

Regarding my background, I live in Indianapolis, Indiana, a city with the honorary title of the “Racing Capital of the World” and was the long-time home of Erwin “Cannonball” Baker.  I am formally trained in both Engineering and Business and have worked in both fields throughout my career.  I recently retired from the corporate world and with a few partners opened a Triumph dealership in Indianapolis where I now work full time. My first motorcycle was an Italian made Harley Davidson Leggero.  I had an incredible 65cc engine!  This was well before I had my driver’s license.  My first “real” motorcycle was a Triumph Tiger Cub with a 200cc engine.  That was the one that really got me hooked on motorcycles and Triumph.  I became interested in very old, vintage, motorcycles through a friend who inherited a 1914 Indian.  He mentioned to me one day that it had not run in 50+ years.  Never one to shy away from a mechanical challenge, I asked him to bring it over.  To make a long story short, we got it running and I became very interested in bikes of that era.  The mechanical complexity and craftsmanship are fascinating.

My 1946 Triumph generates about 17 horsepower from its twin cylinder engine and has a 4-speed gearbox.  It was manufactured in Meridian, England and is one of the first few hundred machines made after the factory switched from military production to civilian production.  It has less than 6,000 original miles and has the original paint.  I enjoy doing all the mechanical work on my bikes myself.  I worked in a couple of motorcycle shops as a mechanic during high school and college.  I am very much looking forward to seeing many of my Cannonball and Chase friends and making many new ones during our upcoming time in the Ozarks.