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#91 Jeff Fredette

Beecher, IL

1942 Harley-Davidson WLA

I have been around motorcycles since I was about 8. My dad Wayne was always out in the garage tweeking something on his enduro bike and what he didn’t do in the garage he managed to get done at work. We were always trying new things.
From there I started racing motorcycles and when the on any sunday movie came out I knew I want to do tough events like the International Six Days Trials. I started that venture in 1978 in sweden and getting hooked on it till 2014 when I retired from racing and now just help out the U.S.A. team.
In 2002 I was inducted into the American Motorcycle Association Hall of Fame.
Back in 2005 my dad again got my son Eric and I hooked on the great race and we have been doing it in our 1933 Ford model B pickup truck and winning the event overall in 2018.
Last year we went and watched the motorcycle cannonball come very close so we went and checked it out. Hook line and sinker I knew I wanted to do a tough race on two wheels again. Havent found a pre 30 bike yet but looking. Over the holidays my uncle Richard Fredette heard me talking about an old motorcycle rally and a week later he called and asked If I wanted to ride his 1941 WLA Harley in the challenge and I said sure!!
It will be a busy year as I plan on doing the great race again with the family, a trip to prudhoe bay Alaska, the northern most road in the US and now the Cross country challenge to the southern most point in the US.