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#96 Richard Campbell

Atlanta, GA

1955 Zundapp KS601

After riding the 2019 Chase, I’m excited to be back again for what will be a spectacular ride.
Originally planned on riding the same bike from 2019, my KS600, however mechanical issues at
the last minute have forced a change to the back up bike: a 1955 Zundapp KS601.

I started riding in mid to late 2017, and I had the least amount of riding experience of any 2019
competitors. Never rode in the rain until the actual start of the last Chase. But having learned
an awful lot on the last Chase, I’m excited about 2021’s event.

I’m a freelance television Director of Photography, have had my own company since 2001. I
shoot mostly sports, documentary, feature stories and live events for a lot of networks.

My passion for motorcycles, especially older, European ones, was via my father, who ran
enduros in the 1950’s on…yep, a Zundapp. A long detour into playing music for a living, that
backdoored me into a television career, and a few years racing stock cars, kept me away from
bikes for way to long. While getting my dad’s bike restored, I bought a 1960 Maico M175, and
from there I went from 1 bike to a collection that now is at 32, all European and British

Having learned a lot in the last Chase, I feel confident of a good finish. I’m also working on
getting myself prepared, mentally and physically, for the long days riding some of the best
roads in America.

This year I’ll be teaming up with another Zundapp rider,#14 Pim van den Bergh, the Zundapp
Fool. Look for us out there….we’ll be the Fools on Zundapps, having the time of our lives