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#96 Richard Campbell

Atlanta, GA

1940 Zundapp KS600

I’m Richard Campbell, and for the third time, I’ll be riding the Cross Country Chase along America’s Highway: Route 66.

For the second time, I’ll be riding my 1940 Zundapp KS600, a German built 2-cylinder, opposed twin, 600cc bike.

I only started riding in 2017 at the age of 53, after inheriting my father’s 1956 Zundapp 250. Since then, I have ridden the 2019 and 2021 Chase, many AMCA rides and events, and collected what now amounts to 35 vintage motorcycles.

I’ve worked as a freelance television cameraman for 25 years, a touring musician for 15 years before that, but always had an interest in motorcycles, especially European and British.

I’m quite excited to ride this year’s Chase, as riding Route 66 has been a bucket list ride for me. To compete in this event, on this road, will be an experience that compares to no other.
Preparing for this year’s event will be key, as the course will take us on many elevation changes, heat, cold, rain and wind. However, as with the past Cross Country Chases, it will take us on the best two lane roads in America, and I can’t wait to get going.