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#96 Richard Campbell

Atlanta, GA

1940 Zundapp KS600

If Vegas is making odds on The Chase, I’m probably the longest shot possible. I’ve only just seriously been riding for a year, and have at the time of writing this, have never ridden more than 30-40 miles at a time. It’s a daunting challenge to say the least….long days riding, on 2 lane roads, on a 1940 motorcycle with no suspension, save 2 springs on the front.

At 55 years of age, I have no idea what I’ve got myself into….but hey…fear is never boring!

I’m riding a 1940 Zundapp KS600. One of Germany’s finest machines. A bike built for getting from one place to another, with little comfort considered. My fascination with Zundapp began as a kid, with my Dad’s 2 Zundapps in our shed. Dad ran rally/endure events on his 1956 two stroke, a Zundapp MC250-a race version of the Challenger/Sabre series of bikes. As his health started deteriorating at an early age, his back issues forced him off the bike. As a teen I rode his bike around the neighborhood, but once I got a car, the bike kind of just sat. After Dad passed away in 2017, I took the bike out of storage and started having her brought back to life. That rekindled the spirit of riding, and I started collecting bikes that my Dad and I both seem to admire…classic European bikes.

The more I ride some of my older bikes, the more fun I’m having. I was thinking about some sort of long, possibly cross country ride of sorts, and was considering riding the Cannonball, when The Chase was announced. Now I get to ride my Zundapp! From the northern most to southern most points of the country!

About me? I’m just some dude, an Atlanta transplant from Pensacola, FL, working in the
television industry as a freelance cameraman. I’ve had my own company since 2001, and work for a lot of networks, documentaries and corporate work. I’m married to a wonderful woman that decided to join me riding on her own bike, and likes the fact I’m collecting older motorcycles, and actually encourages it. Yup-I married well. 🙂

I’ve raced stock cars for several years, and that’s the extent of my motorsports career….until now.

My Zundapp KS600 has been restored to a really nice rider. I’m fortunate to have a couple of German motorcycle enthusiasts/mechanics available to me, to help guide me.
I’ve limited technical ability, so you won’t see me changing an ignition, or rebuilding the tranny in the parking lot. We’re testing, and re-testing the bike, planning on making everything right before getting on the road. Preparation will be my ally…lack of, my achilles….I’ll find out, beginning September 6th. I’m looking forward to meeting 99 other people, sharing the experience of a lifetime. As the line goes in “The Fastest
Indian”…..”all my life, I wanted to do something big”.

“That’s what we’re here for”.
See you all in September.