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#98 Randy Grasso

Fremont, NH

1938 Harley-Davidson EL

Hello My name is Randy Grasso. Since I was a child I have been riding, racing, wrenching on, rebuilding, and building bikes, cars, trucks, three wheelers, and Boats; you name it. I raced bikes in the 70s, three wheelers and cars in the 80s. I bought my first street bike when I was 14 years old and hid it from my parents because I was not allowed to have a street bike. I got my permit, registered and rode it until I was 17 without getting caught; until I crashed it, then they found out. I still have and ride that bike to this day and that was over 40 years ago. In 1989 I bought my first new Harley. A 1989 Hugger 883. Two years later I rode the bike from Mass to every state in the lower 48 in one trip with the peanut tank. A leather jacket, a pair of Aviators, a sleeping bag and a small tent no Hotels. The following year I took my girlfriend now wife Cynthia across country on the same bike. That Bike is now my full custom show bike. And to this day I have never trailered one of my bikes anywhere and have ridden well over 500,000 miles. My goal is to keep this bike off the trailer for the Chase as well. To be able to ride in this chase is a dream come true and I am so honored and thankful to my good friends Bob and Andrea Zeolla for asking me if I would like to ride Bob’s 38 Knucklehead in The Chase. I have some things that may qualify but would never make the trip. I can’t wait to do this and be amongst such likeminded people.