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#23 Chad Martin

Council Bluffs, IA

1932 HarleyDavidson C

My name is Chad Martin, I’m 24 years old and from Council Bluffs, IA. I recently got married to my wife Kye, she is one of my biggest supporters to follow my passion of mechanics. Together we share a chocolate lab named Miley who you will see posted in my pictures. My passion for mechanics and riding started at a young age. Growing up on a family farm, I was provided with ample opportunity to see how things were broken and “Macgyvered” by my grandfather Guido. Rarely would things stay mild tempered or run smoothly for too long, which is why I credit my mechanical ability to him.  My father has always had an interest in motorcycles which is what sparked my interest. He bought me my first four wheeler, dirt bike, and truck. When it came time for my first Harley he helped me find one and introduced me into the world of loans and debt. I am forever grateful! Since my first motorcycle I have been hooked. I have been to Sturgis twice, built my own custom motorcycle, owned countless vintage enduros, and founded the gambler 800 ride with some help from my friends. I am always looking for the next life experience on a motorcycle and I believe the Chase to be just that. My uncle Mike Jensen has completed the Cannonball race twice now and asked for my cousin Mikey and I to join him on the Chase this year. I’m super excited for the challenges that lie ahead!