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#61 Doug Doerfler

Sandia Park, NM

1946 Harley Davidson WL

I’m really excited to be a part of this year’s ride. I’ve recently retired from a 36-year career as an electrical and computer engineer. I’ve been riding since childhood and find it interesting that the bikes I was riding as a young adult are now considered vintage, and even antiques by AMCA rules. I’m also an active member of the AMCA’s Zia Chapter, best known for their Musketball runs across our home state of New Mexico.
The Ride: A 1946 Harley Davidson WL. This bike is new to me. It’s a relatively recent restoration, within the last 3 or 4 years. It’s my first bike with a foot clutch, so that’s taken some time to get use to. I’ve been putting on quite a few miles to “become one” with her, so hopefully we’re both up to the task of the Chase.