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#19 Jake & Ginger Martin

Wales, ME

1942 Harley-Davidson

Our story starts 19 years ago when I needed a ride home from the bar.  Jake stepped up and offered me a ride home, catch was, it was on the back of his 77 Lowrider.  Seeing as he was a stranger it took some convincing from a mutual friend, but I took that ride home and we never looked back.  We have been happily married for 10 years and have a daughter (Ella) and a son (Wyatt).  We live in a small rural town in Maine called Wales.  We own our own concrete foundation company that operates and I work at a local hospital where I am the Clinical Laboratory Chemistry Supervisor.

Over the years Jake’s love for old Harleys has grown immensely along with the size of his collection of them.  So much so that I joke that other than my bike, I have no idea how many bikes we own.  The last couple of years we have been going to as many bike races as we can with our busy lives.  Jake has raced in all the races he can and I always try and support him.  Since we live in Maine and the winters are incredibly long and boring we have started hosting ice races in front of house to help ease the “itch” of racing.  While the business slows during the winter Jake usually tries to restore a bike to stay busy.  He is currently working on a 40 servi-car, 47 knuckle in a VL frame, a 62 panhead, and most recently a 42 knucklehead.  During the summer on the weekends you can either find us at swap meets turning piles or taking our young kids on camping adventures in the great Maine outdoors.