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#67 Lars Dag Erichsen

Hellerup, Denmark

1944 Indian Chief

I have loved american big twins my whole life. Growing up in Denmark in a family driving Citroën and no relations to any mc riders, I do not know where my interest come from. But ever since I was a young child, the sound of a v-twin made me run to the highway to see a glimpse of the machine. And always liked the old noisy smelly machines the best.
First attempt was a very incomplete WLA project I never got to ride. Harleys was just too expensive so rode a BSA for a few years. After getting a real job, a kid and wife, I started to ride motorcycles again. Fast forward 15 years I have been to the alps twice on my 46 FL. I have beach raced on my 32 VL at Rømø, twice. And I go on club tours a couple of times a year around Denmark and Sweden.
Since I only ride old us v-twins I have suffered and witnessed various mc breakdowns, with myriad of roadside repairs. So, I trust the road-gods will smile at me again to beam me across the US.
I have restored and rebuild my 44 Indian Chief, so I feel I know her very well. I will tune and test as much as possible, before shipping her back to her origins, to enjoy the beautiful highways and backcountry of the US.