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#41 Mario Sanchez

Eden Prairie, MN

1941 Harley Davidson FL

I am a diehard motorcycle enthusiast.  I, like most, started off on dirt bikes in 1969 and graduated to Harleys in 1976.  I enjoy wrenching nearly as much as riding.  Through the years I have built and ridden everything from my stock 1941 FL (which I have owned since 1978) to 70’s choppers to new baggers. Although I have ridden across country multiple times both solo and with my wife or friends, I have never done an organized run like the Chase.  I am really excited to ride alongside a group of likeminded individuals.

I am retired now but spent most of my career working for large multinational companies such as Ingersoll Rand and Watts Water Technologies.  That has allowed me to live not only throughout the US but in Asia (Shanghai) and Europe (Netherlands).  Whether it was cruising around China on my Chang Jiang or trying to dodge AMGs on the Autobahn I have found there are phenomenal people who share a passion for 2 wheels everywhere.  My family has always been supportive of my Motorcycle habit!  Many a time on vacation my wife drove the car/van with the kids while I followed on a motorcycle.
Here are a few more pics that tell the story.