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#18 Mikey Jensen

Council Bluffs, IA

1947 Harley Davidson WL

My name is Mike Jensen II. The 2nd of 3 children to #16 Mike Jensen. Naturally, I have gone by Mikey my entire life. Mike or Mikey is just fine. I have been a fan of anything with two wheels, or an engine my entire life. My father has competed in two cannonball events and that has sparked my interest to try and compete alongside with him. I enjoy anything outdoors. Motorcycles, snowmobiles, Utv’s, hunting and fishing. Motorcycles have always been my go-to. My wife Emilee gave birth to our first-born son in April 2021. We live outside of Council Bluffs. Iowa on our family farm. In 2013 my dad, grandpa, and a few friends built a garage from the ground up at my house and we have been doing our best to fill it with motorcycles and tools ever since. I am very excited to be competing alongside my dad and my cousin Chad Martin in this event.