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Road Guardians Accident Scene Management

Accident Scene Management (ASM) has trained over 35,000 students through the expertise of over 100 instructors in 32 states across the USA. We are the largest Motorcycle Trauma Training organization in the world, leading the way with instructors in Australia, South Africa, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand (Asia) & Canada.

ASM is the leading Motorcycle Trauma Training Organization in the world, and the only accredited non-profit Bystander Program in the USA. The key to reducing injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists is education. Road Guardians encourages all motorcyclists to become lifelong learners, and to do all they can to avoid a crash from occurring. We go one-step further than many other safety programs – we connect motorcycle trauma first response as part of the solution.

Will you be prepared to help another rider in a time of need? After a crash occurs there is a gap in time of 5-30 minutes before an ambulance arrives. Will you know how to help?


The Road Guardians Program was created by ASM in 2010 to support Motorcycle First Response education as a critical element to outcomes should a crash occur. Road Guardians is a nationally branded program which supports Accident Scene Management’s mission to Reduce Injuries and Fatalities to Motorcyclists. The program provides Resources, Rewards, and Recognition to those who are properly trained. We encourage motorcyclists to be “lifelong learners” by providing resources, and partnerships with safety minded businesses. We provide opportunities for educational certification as well by encouraging members to become “certified”.Through Road Guardians, we are able to connect to our safety-minded riders by providing them with safety information, and support an area of motorcycle safety that is often forgotten. Bystander Assistance training that is specific to motorcycle crashes is imperative for all motorcyclists and trained professional rescuers. In order for the best possible outcome we need to focus on preventing a crash from occurring in the first place, and then prepare for proper response in the event a crash still occurs. The Road Guardians free program highlights six areas of motorcycle safety in which any motorcyclist can take personal responsibility to get educated.

We provide a motorcycle safety minded community, providing education:

  • Learn or improve riding skills,
  • Links to products and services related to motorcycle safety (apparel & more),
  • Links to state laws,
  • Links to anti-impaired programs,
  • Motorists awareness information (conspicuity) and
  • Accident Scene Management – Motorcycle Specific First Responder Training

Our website provides public and members-only services.

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