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Jason Sims

Director of Operations

Motorcycles have been part of my life since the early age of 5 when my grandfather put me on my first minibike a Honda 70’s XL70.  To this day it is truly one of the only memories that is etched in my mind as a youngster.  This love affair never surrendered and only got more out of control the older I got, riding fast, taking chances, living on the edge, riding, and racing custom choppers, FXR’s, Baggers was a daily occurrence until a friend of mine handed me the hotwire (a piece of wire with 2 clips) to his was 36 Harley Davidson Knucklehead and invited me to lifestyle I only thought was only for old fat old dudes.  Boy was I wrong!!  The feel, the sound, and the smell, that I experienced was better than any high that I have ever felt.  My veins were instantly tapped and showed no signs of getting to be able to get off of this 60 wt oil drip. I was terminal!! To me it didn’t matter what it was, Japanese, Italian, British, or American they all gave me a fix!!  It wasn’t until just a few years ago that I disciplined myself into staying with and educating myself on pre 1950 American Motorcycles with a minor in Flatheads and an occasional Japanese extracurricular.

I caught the Cannonball and Endurance run l fever when we hosted a stop on the 2012 run at the Glencoe Camp Resort in Sturgis, SD.   As a Sturgis local, I was able to spend time with the founder of the Motorcycle Cannonball Lonnie Isam Jr.  I begged him for a spot in the 2014 event, which I competed on a 1934 Harley-Davidson VLH.  With Lonnie’s illness shortly thereafter, I took on operations of the Motorcycle Cannonball.  Receiving frequent inquiries of entering newer bikes into the Cannonball, I came up with the Cross Country Chase.  My goal was to allow more riders to be able to participate in a cross country run but still with a vintage element.  I was humbled that the inaugural event was voted 2019 Best Event of the Year by Cycle Source Media fans.

My hobbies include Motorcycles, Working on Motorcycles, Riding Motorcycles, and what seems to be my favorite thing to do is running out of gas on motorcycles.  I do also like to vacation, play golf, drink Bloody Marys, eat cheese, and pet my dog, Bob.  Most of all I like to spend time with my wife LeeAnn and our kids, Sarah, Tyler, Jace and Hannah.

I look forward to this years Cross Country Chase!