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Joe Sparrow

Motorcycle Sweep

Known as the Wandering Sparrow, you can often find Joe traveling, working various rallys for J&P Cycle, or riding motorcycle sweep on the Motorcycle Cannonball and Cross Country Chase.  Joe has helped many riders fix their bikes to get back on the road and avoid having to load on the sweep trailer.  Joe is known for his photography and shares his Random Shot of the Day and Unidentified Happy Person photos.

My first ride as a youngster on a minibike and I knew I was hooked and said to myself “This feels really good”. I was always interested in the inner workings of all things motorcycle so when I bought my first street bike at age 16 and tore the transmission up from speed shifting I taught my self how to repair it. I couldn’t afford to have it fixed (I was washing dishes for a dollar an hour). I was lucky enough to go to Tech School for my junior and senior years of high school for Motorcycle Repair and that’s when my life in the motorcycle industry started. I’ve never had a goal in life so I have just been doing what I love …. riding, wrenching and repeating. At 65 years old I now have 1.5 million miles on 2 wheels and still say to myself when out riding “This feels really good”.