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Ryan Allen

Motorcycle Sweep

I’m Ryan L. Allen and motocycles have been part of my innerworkings since my late father Tommy R. Allen had me interested in old Indian motorcycles.
As a youth he asked me; “Son what do you want to do with these old machines?” Pontifically saying something like: I would ride them across the country competing in some sort of cross country event.   laughingly he said well son you were born in the wrong era and how they don’t do that sort of thing anymore.  Stubbornly I continued to daydream: High on tainted gas fumes, delirious, as I slam shifting some sick ‌Indian rig into third and the Deep Tech House jambs rocked my very soul to scenes of Americana as the striped paint of the blacktop pulsed thru the frames of time.
The Now.
Primary function: Dad (Jacob Allen my son will be accompanying us on this historic event and some of you know him well already)
Daytime Job: Designer of Space (Architecture NCARB) and Tweaker of Indian Motocycles.
Alias alter ego: (CB#29 RL Allen 3rd time CannonBaller) that loves rockin’ the Deep Tech House and thankful to be part of the CB and Chase family.
Stasis: Active blacktop duty (Chase Staffer for 2021 and 2021 Cannonballer jockey)
Mission: Facilitate and support a safe ride for the Motorcycle Chase Family.
Staff Chase Rig: Tweaked-out 1971 BMW R75/5 in Swartz affectionately known as “Ilsa”
Thank you Lee Ann and Jason Sims for your continued support!