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2019 Riders

#00 Jason Sims

Sturgis, SD

1942 Harley Davidson WLA

#8 Tim McIntyre

Kent City, MI

1946 Indian Chief

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#2 Brian Pease

Milton, VT

1938 Nimbus C


I started riding in 1960 on a 2 HP Montgomery Ward Scooter while attending college in Vermont. I could have a car or college but not both, so I chose wisely! I progressed up to an old BSA Super Rocket before reverting back to 250cc bikes. Armed with an EE degree, and a job in Connecticut,...Read More

#3 Bruce Redpath

Severna Park, MD

1947 Harley-Davidson U


Bruce Redpath is from Annapolis, Maryland, with more nuts and bolts in him than there are in his 1939 ULH. For the first time, Bruce is looking forward to not being on the sweep.

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#4 Randy Samz

Shioctan, WI

1942 Harley-Davidson WLA

I drink motor oil for breakfast. I sleep on a bed made of piston engines. And I dream of cross-country motorcycle rides My motorcycle experience started when I was a wee tot on a 1969 Husqvarna. Since then, I have never met a motorcycle I did not like and I know I never will. I buy them,...Read More

#5 James Maloney

Hopkinton, MA

1938 Indian Scout


Hello I am James Maloney, I am lucky number 5 in the Cross Country Chase.  I will be riding my 1938 Indian Scout on the Chase. I rode my 1928 Indian in the 2018 Cannonball and loved it. I completed the ride, but did not make all the miles, so my goal for the Chase is...Read More

#9 Chris Tribbey

Caledonia, WI

1947 Harley-Davidson WL


I have been an active motorcycle enthusiast since 1978. Since then I have racked up over 500,000 miles on two wheels and have owned 50+ motorcycles. I have been lucky enough to have ridden on some awesome trips: Alaska, Mexico, Australia, and extensively in Europe. I am by nature a competitive person and have enjoyed competing...Read More

#10 Bill Page

Augusta, KS

1939 Harley-Davidson U


Having participated in the 2016 and 2018 Cannonballs, I’m completely addicted to riding vintage motorcycles across the continent in a race format.  I have been riding and building motorcycles since the 60’s and I plan on taking them with me to the next life.  I’ll be 66 years old in September of this year and cant...Read More

#11 Evan Riggle

Shelbyville, MI

1942 Indian 442

My name is Evan Riggle. I will be riding my 1942 Indian 4 in the first Cross Country Chase. I have never done an endurance run like this before and I am very excited to experience all it has to offer. My lovely wife Brandi and I have 4 children (Keara, Alex, Hudson and Harper). They...Read More

#12 Mark Hill

Waddington, NY

1940 Indian Four


Mark Hill of 4th Coast Fours, Waddington, New York In 2010, I was a mechanic for Frank Westfall and his 1915 Henderson and Jim Dennie and his 1915 Militaire, and I have been involved in every Cannonball since then. At the time, I worked for the State University of New York at Canton in the Powersports...Read More

#13 Pat Patterson

Hays, KS

1946 Harley-Davidson UL


Hello! I am Pat Patterson who lives in Castle Rock, CO half the time and Hays, KS the other half. I will be riding a 1946 Harley-Davidson UL, a 74 cubic inch flathead. When Jason first floated the idea of a shorter race than the Cannonball, I thought immediately that would be fun and a lot...Read More

#14 Loring Hill

Waddington, NY

1941 Indian Four


Loring Hill of 4th Coast Fours, Waddington, New York I have been involved with the Motorcycle Cannonball since the inaugural endurance run in 2010 when I was 13 years old.  Before I was old enough to ride my own bike in the run, I wrenched on Wolf Pack bikes from 2010-2016.  Even though I rode  my...Read More

#15 Mike Carson

Livingston, TX

1930 Harley-Davidson VL Bobber


Mike Carson, The Good Looking Texan (GLT) has been racing and riding since he was 13 years old, almost 70 years ago. He has ridden and raced internationally and has competed in 4 Cannonballs. Most currently he raced in Billy Lane’s Sons of Speed in March and will also be racing in the 2019 The Chase...Read More

#16 Chris Salisbury

Mapleton, UT

1936 Harley-Davidson EL

#17 Rick Salisbury

Springville, UT

1946 Harley Davidson EL

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#18 Willie Earhart

New Alexandria, PA

1948 Harley-Davidson FL


Howdy folks! I guess I gotta fill out some kind of “Rider Biography…. so here goes. I was born on July 7th, 1958, so that make me 60 years young.  I grew up on the family farm where I still live now with my lovely wife Tracey, and also my little (22 yr old) beautiful girl,...Read More

#19 Jake & Ginger Martin

Wales, ME

1942 Harley-Davidson


Our story starts 19 years ago when I needed a ride home from the bar.  Jake stepped up and offered me a ride home, catch was, it was on the back of his 77 Lowrider.  Seeing as he was a stranger it took some convincing from a mutual friend, but I took that ride home and...Read More

#21 Tom Banks

North Versailles, PA

1936 Harley-Davidson VLH


Hello my name is Tom Banks, I live in Pittsburgh,PA. I am thrilled to have been invited to ride in The Chase.  My life revolves around my sons and my motorcycles. My father, P.R. (Dick) Banks, was the owner of an Indian Motorcycle dealership, and avid flat track racer, in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area during the...Read More

#22 Don Gilmore

Pittsburgh, PA

1940 Indian Chief


I am Don Gilmore.   I intercepted the 2018 Motorcycle Cannonball in Jamestown, New York and immediately knew that I wanted to participate in an event of this scale and quality.  I will be riding a 1940 Indian Chief that has been prepared by my friend Dave Leukhardt.  This is my second vintage Indian, the first being...Read More

#23 Joe Ferri

Export, PA

1947 Indian Chief


Owner Joey’s The Edge inc. a tavern in Export Pa. Former Snap-On tool distributor Formerly employed at Westinghouse Elec. AMA life member. District 5 competitor AMCA member # 3188 Allegheny Mountain Chapter AMCA # 25 Three Rivers Competition Riders 20 years First antique bike 1951 EL Second antique bike 1931 VL Presently own 1931 V, 1947...Read More

#24 Joe Gimpel Jr.

Daytona Beach, FL

1940 Indian 640


At 69 years old, I’ve been riding on 2 wheels since I was 8 years old. My racing career began on 4 wheels, racing quarter midgets at age 5.  I love the challenge of building and riding a vintage bike on a difficult ride like this and am looking forward to it.  A 4 time veteran...Read More

#25 Stewart Garrison

Arlington, TX

1948 Triumph Twin

Stewart Garrison from Arlington, TX has had a passion for motorcycles since childhood. Stewart owns and operates a landscape construction company which has created fabulous projects all over the Dallas/Fort Worth TX metroplex. He bought his first Norton in 1973 and his first Triumph in 1975. He still owns both bikes. Over the past 30 years...Read More

#28 Keith Martin

Dallas, TX

1938 Triumph Speed Twin

Dallas Texas born and raised Keith Martin is the owner of Big D Cycle.  A two-time participant in The Motorcycle Cannonball as crewmember in 2016 and as a rider in 2018. Taking the 1924 Norton to a perfect score in 2018. Keith has been working in the motorcycle industry for over 30 years. Roadracing and restoring...Read More

#29 Brian Doerfler

Hays, KS

1935 Harley-Davidson VL

My name is Brian Doerfler I’m from Hays, KS. I got started in the sport of motorcycling when my father Alex had my uncle Mark build me and my brothers our first mini bike during grade school and it has evolved ever since. In 1975, my Dad and uncle Don started a Harley-Davidson dealership. I worked...Read More

#33 Kyle Rose

Springville, UT

1940 Harley Davidson U

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#34 Don Baker

Gravois Mills, MO

1941 Indian 741B


Well I have owned the bike since 1991.It was in a shed with a piece of corrugated steel on top of it.  Her name is Doris and this will be an epic adventure for us.

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#35 Jon Dobbs

Boulder Junction, WI

1939 Harley-Davidson EL


One eighty year-old motorcycle, one naively confident operator, no support, no GPS, 2500 miles; what could possibly go wrong? I know firsthand that cruising across our great country is 398% better on a beautiful vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycle. After successfully completing two previous Motorcycle Cannonball runs, I am honored to participate in the inaugural Cross Country Chase....Read More

#36 Bill Reese

1933 Harley-Davidson VLE


Bill Reese, riding motorcycles for, well let’s see since 1973. Went to Harley Davidson Service School in 1980, and got my certification. Worked in New York for Yonkers HD ( Apple Cycles) then moved to California and worked for Bob Laidlaws HD . Drag raced panheads, and then panshovels for a few. Now just restore VL,...Read More

#37 Roger Green

Battle Creek, MI

1937 Harley-Davidson ULH


My name is Roger Green from Battle Creek, MI.  My Motorcycling life began when my family visited a distant cousin of my Mom’s side.  They had two Z-50’s and after one ride on their trails, I was hooked! Next came a CT-70 that my Grandpa bought for the grandkids to share.  I was interested in observed...Read More

#38 Jim Gilfoyle

Bridgman, MI

1938 Harley-Davidson EL

When I was a kid of about 12, I mowed a lot of lawns to buy my first Mini-Bike, I’ve been addicted ever since.   Dirt bikes and Honda’s in School, and my first Harley at 17.  Since those days I’ve worn out half a dozen Electraglides riding all over the country.  Being a Tool &...Read More

#42 Mike Bruso

Forest City, NC

1939 Harley-Davidson EL


I grew up riding dirt bikes and 4 wheelers in northern NY in a small town on the Canadian border called Malone. Got my motor cycle license a few days after my 16th birthday and have never looked back. I have owned many bikes over the years old and new but have always loved the old...Read More

#43 Jeff Durrant

South Salt Lake City, UT

1942 Harley-Davidson WLC


A motorcycle artist based in Utah, Jeff splits his time between his home in the red rock country of Castle Valley (upstream from Moab) and the Iron Cylinder studio and gallery in South Salt Lake City.  Jeff has traveled or lived in over 120 countries with experiences including marrying his wife while living in Chad; delivering...Read More

#45 Rodney Sterling

New Braunfels, TX

1945 Harley-Davidson WL


My name is Rodney Sterling, as with most, the love for motorcycling started at the age of 5 when my Father and Uncle built a 3hp mini bike for me with a cutdown seat because I was to short to reach the ground. Throughout the years of dirt and street bikes, I bought a 79 FL...Read More

#46 Matt Miller

Cream Ridge, NJ

1947 Harley-Davidson U


My name is Matt Miller and I live in Cream Ridge NJ. I am 56 years old and self employed. I have been married to my wife Lois for 28 years and we have 2 children. I grew up on an 80 acre farm in West Windsor NJ and graduated high school in 1981. Growing up...Read More

#47 Kerry Patchett

Bourbannais, IL

1947 Indian Chief


Hello Folks, My name is Kerry Patchett ,  From Bourbonnais , IL  , Age 65 I work at a New Holland Farm Equipment dealership in Union Hill , IL . I always have had a passion for older vehicles, my daily driver in high school and college was a Hudson automobiles, one of which I still...Read More

#48 Michael Cables

Rogue River, OR

1948 Harley-Davidson FL


My name is Michael Cables, I was born in Pueblo, Colorado on September 9, 1952. I am an identical twin. I grew up in Colorado. At the age of 13 my family moved to Tucson, Arizona where I lived for 25 years. I lived a short time in California before moving to Rogue River, Or. where...Read More

#49 Frank Westfall

Syracuse, NY

1930 Henderson KJ


I’m just a simple leather worker with a passion for motorcycles.  I’ve run the Great Race twice, competed in every single Motorcycle Cannonball, as well as the 2016 Cannonball overall winner.

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#50 Rowdy Schenck

Carlsbad, NM

1948 Indian Chief


I was born in Midland TX. Currently lives in Carlsbad, NM. We have lots of bats in the caves around here. I started riding motorcycles out on the ranch where I grew up in 1959, it was an Allstate that my neighbor owned. He had put an Indian 16″ rear wheel on it so as to...Read More

#51 Shane Masters

Dayton, OH

1948 Indian Chief


My name is Shane Masters and I am eat up with motorcycles.  I restore and work on vintage motorcycles every day and this is the reason for everything motorcycle.  I am third generation motorcyclist.  Both my grandfather and I have ridden across the United States on a motorcycle.   2018 I finished The Motorcycle Cannonball with a...Read More

#52 Panhead Fred

Hanover Park, IL

1948 Indian Chief


I have been riding motorcycles for almost 45 years now and have been riding the same 52 FL now in our 41st year together. I hadn’t even heard of the Cross Country Chase until early in May, when a friend asked me if I would like to ride his 48 Indian Chief in it. Well, you...Read More

#53 Bryan Bossier Sr.

Woodworth, LA

1930 Henderson KL


As a third generation gravel miner and highway contractor I’ve always been enamored by anything with a motor from an electric razor to a locomotive. In fact, my great uncle, Herman Hameric Holloway, owned the Louisiana Midland Railroad and invented the stick picker and Holloway suction for mining gravel. Gas explosions escaping from an engine’s walls have...Read More

#54 Joe Burch

Ferris, TX

1930 Harley-Davidson VL


I had sold my motorcycle to start an Aviation business back in the 70’s.  RBR Maintenance Inc, A Corporate jet maintenance facility, I also became a pilot flying these jets for my customers.  I was the owner , pilot, mechanic, accountant, sales person, you name it.   The company grew to almost 50 employees at 2...Read More

#55 Marty Patterson

Hays, KS

1946 Harley-Davidson UL


Graduated Ellis High School in 1982. Graduated Fort Hays State University in 1986. Spent the next 33 years working in the oilfields of Kansas and Colorado. Started riding motorcycles at 12 years of age and has continued riding ever since. Started riding antique motorcycles in 2017 with brother, Patrick (55), and friend Terry Richardson (101). Participated...Read More

#56 John Phillips

Newbury, Ontario, CA

1947 Harley-Davidson EL


I’m John Phillips 42. I live and farm in southwestern Ontario on 1100 acres with my wife Jenipher and children Emilee, Thomas and James. Been playing with old motorcycles for about 15 years.

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#57 Landon Bateman

Springville, UT

1944 Harley Davidson U

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#59 Mark Zenor

Graham, WA

1946 Norton Model 18


Hello! I am Mark Zenor, born and raised in Iowa. My first motorcycle was a Honda SL100, once I had my license, a CB360T and after joining the Navy, a ’71 Norton Commando. Pretty much stayed with Nortons since. I am now retired after 35 years with Boeing and married to an understanding wife, Janet, and...Read More

#60 John Bartman

DeBary, FL

1940 Harley-Davidson ULH


John has been kicking over, riding, and collecting Harley Davidson’s for over 40 years. He has always had a love for old Harley’s. After John started following the Motorcycle Cannonball, he knew he had to be part of the experience and threw his name into the hat. After finishing every mile on the 2018 Cannonball on...Read More

#61 Bob Zeolla

Boston, MA

1938 Harley-Davidson EL


Born in 1958 Boston, MA Married to Andrea Labarbara, #98, who placed third overall in the 2018 Cannonball on a 1913 Henderson prepared by Mark Hill and his team at 4th Coast Fours. Father of one son, 28 Yr Old Bobby the 3rd, who hobbies include race cars, skiing, and surfing. I began riding at around...Read More

#62 Scott Funk

Millersville, PA

1946 BSA C-11


My name is Scott Funk.   I am 62 years young and live in Millersville ” Lancaster County ” PA. I have been riding since I was 10 years old.  I started off with a 1960’s  Honda step thru 50.,, When I was about 13 I bought a 1968 Honda CL 175 Scrambler from my dad. Sometime...Read More

#63 Erik Bahl

Huntsville, AL

1947 Harley-Davidson FL


My name is Erik Bahl and the antique motorcycle bug bit me with my first motorcycle at the age of 21, a 1964 BMW R50/2. At that time in my life the BMW seemed like it was 100 years old. As I got older, the bikes got older! Time has passed and I have three Cannonballs...Read More

#64 Steve Butts

Lino Lakes, MN

1948 Harley-Davidson FL


I have been around motorcycles all my life. My dad had a 1949 Panhead and would give my siblings and I rides. The younger kids would usually sit in front of him and the older kids would sit behind him on the buddy seat (or luggage rack or front fender for more fun). This is where...Read More

#65 Mike Butts

Saint Michael, MN

1947 Harley-Davidson EL


Hi, my name is Mike Butts and I am very excited to be participating in the 2019 Cross Country Chase. After a successful finish in the 2018 Cannonball, my support crew was taking all the credit so I thought I needed to do the Chase to prove them wrong! I have been a motorcycle enthusiast since...Read More

#66 Jerry Wieland

Menomonie, WI

1941 Harley-Davidson FL


Hi I am Jerry Wieland and I have been riding vintage Harley Davidson motorcycles since about 1977. The bike I will be riding in the 2019 Chase has been my ride of choice since 1988. It is a 1941 Harley Davidson FL that I bought the majority of out of an old service station/junkyard near Minocqua/Woodruff...Read More

#70 Will Lusignan

Viroqua, WI

1936 Indian Sport Scout


I began riding in 1974 on a Bridgestone motorcycle. I had the honor of serving in the United States Navy retiring as a Chief Petty Officer deploying with Marine Expeditionary Units from the platoon to regimental level. I then had a career with the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs retiring in 2015. Member of the AMCA...Read More

#72 Larry Luce

Huntington Beach. CA

1938 Velocette KSS

I was born in Los Angeles California and have lived in the LA / Orange County area all my life. I currently reside in Huntington Beach in Orange County with my wife. I was employed as a Civil Engineer for 30 years by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, I retired three years ago....Read More

#75 Gary Shorman

Hays, KS

1940 Harley-Davidson WL

Growing up on the family farm in North Central Kansas, motorcycles fast became my favorite form of transportation. From an old Harley to numerous dirt bikes, we covered the farm with motorcycle tracks. My name is Gary Shorman and I will be riding a 1940 WL in the Cross Country Chase.  Several years ago the Motorcycle...Read More

#76 Jeff Milburn

Dallas, TX

1937 Harley-Davidson WL


Hey I’m Jeff Milburn. I was born in 1965 and grew up in Odessa, TX. At age 13, I got my first motorcycle, a 1977 Yamaha DT100. From this point on, I knew I was responsible for this motorcycle, so I started acquiring the tools to maintain it. My first job was at age 16 as...Read More

#77 Brent Mayfield

Centerville, OH

1945 Harley-Davidson EL


My name is Brent Mayfield. I have lived most of my life in Dayton, Ohio. I got indoctrinated in to motorcycles at a very young age as my father and several relatives all rode motorcycles. In early 1968, when I was a senior in high school, I started looking for my first bike and a friend...Read More

#78 Curtis Venable

Goldsboro, NC

1940 Harley-Davidson ULH

#79 Jody Perewitz

Middleboro, MA

1936 Harley-Davidson VLH


Jody Perewitz has been around motorcycles all her life. Jody paved her own way into history by becoming the first woman ever to ride an American V-Twin powered motorcycle at over 200 MPH. She currently holds 16 Land Speed records, one of which is a World Record, and has earned four AMA number one plates. In 2018...Read More

#80 Bob Gamache

Lakeville, MA

1948 Harley-Davidson FL

#81 Richard Kaylor

Harrisburg, PA

1948 Harley-Davidson


My adventures started as a young kid from a motorcycle/dirt track racing family. Every weekend going to the races to watch my dad race cars he built and drove himself. My parents bought me a mini bike when I was about 5 years old and it’s been a wide open lifestyle of motorcycles and dirt track...Read More

#85 Jason Wadzinski

Spring Valley, OH

1947 Indian Chief


Dayton Rip Rap Rider: Jason Wadzinski My first memory of riding a motorized bike was on my brother’s Gemini 80 minibike when I was about 10 years old. Hopped on and wide-opened the throttle immediately. The bike took off a little faster than I did so I went blasting down a gravel driveway holding on for...Read More

#88 Erik Dunk

South Daytona, FL

1937 Harley-Davidson EL


Veteran and finisher of 2010 and 2012 Motorcycle Cannonballs 2010 – 1915 Harley Model J         #2 2012 – 1929 Harley Model JD       #2 2008 – Rode at the Daytona 500 Tank Shift only day – 1929 Henderson KJ 2007 – Rode in the Barber Vintage Century race – 1907 F/N 4...Read More

#89 Cris Sommer-Simmons

Haiku, HI

1934 Harley-Davidson VD


Cris has enjoyed a lifetime love affair with two wheels. An eager passenger on her stepfather’s motorcycle at age 9, she got her first motorcycle at 14, her first Harley at age 19 and has been riding ever since.  She was a longtime member of the Women’s International Motorcycle Association and in 1984, co-founded the 2nd...Read More

#90 Paul Warrenfelt

Indianapolis, IN

1935 Triumph 2/1 250cc Single


My name is Paul Warrenfelt and I will be riding a 1935 Triumph 2/1 250cc single in the inaugural Cross Country Chase.  I participated in the 2018 Motorcycle Cannonball as rider #90 on a 1920 Triumph Model H.  I am very much looking forward to this equally challenging but very different event compared to the Cannonball. ...Read More

#91 Jeff Fredette

Beecher, IL

1942 Harley-Davidson WLA

I have been around motorcycles since I was about 8. My dad Wayne was always out in the garage tweeking something on his enduro bike and what he didn’t do in the garage he managed to get done at work. We were always trying new things. From there I started racing motorcycles and when the on...Read More

#96 Richard Campbell

Atlanta, GA

1940 Zundapp KS600


If Vegas is making odds on The Chase, I’m probably the longest shot possible. I’ve only just seriously been riding for a year, and have at the time of writing this, have never ridden more than 30-40 miles at a time. It’s a daunting challenge to say the least….long days riding, on 2 lane roads, on...Read More

#98 Andrea Labarbara

Boston, MA

1934 Indian 402


I got my first taste of motorcycles when I was about 8 years old and I wanted to keep up with my big brother and the other boys in the neighborhood.  My dad reminds me of days chasing me through the trails of our neighborhood trying to avoid local police.  The bike I was riding was a ...Read More

#99 Todd Cameron

Monrovia, CA

1930 BSA Sloper


I am looking forward to the challenge of riding in the Chase. I am excited and love the fact that it is a solo venture of man and machine without any crew support.  I ran the MCCB in 2018 with minimal crew support. Being born into a family of motorcycle racing and collector enthusiasts, I am...Read More

#101 Terry Richardson

Pratt, KS

1946 Harley-Davidson FL

My name is Terry Richardson, I live in Pratt, Kansas. I work for my wife, I do this by staying out of her way. I am also held hostage by three  extremely capable tool pushers and one grouchy shop manager in our oilfield and equipment fabrication side, and I am blessed to have a millennial and...Read More